Reflection 3: Enhance Communication (Week 3)

I personally don’t participate in chat/forum sites although I do enjoy reading and understanding other peoples insights and opinions on a particular subject. I’m only involved in one social media site which is Facebook, communication online like all different forms of communications has its advantages and disadvantages. The benefits of online communication can be seen through various social media, forums and through sites like reddit.


Reddit is an entertainment and social networking website, registered community members are able to submit posts and content over a range of different categories. As a daily reader and visitor of reddit, I have observed various discussions between members and have concluded with these thoughts. When a discussion is taking place between various members around a particular subject, it encourages members to reflect on the subject, participants don’t have to contributed immediately to the subject until they have thought about the issue well at hand before submitting a response.

Another benefit that I found that enhances communication significantly is the ability to be able to share real life experiences with other members. It is clearly a phenomenon in all forms of forum sites where it sets people free from any pressure when talking specifically about a deep personal issue. People seem to be able to talk open freely online comfortably with other members even with members you don’t know.While in real life talking to an individual about a personal issue tends to be rather uncomfortable. Because of this reason people tend to keep their personal issues to themselves since they don’t know how the other party is going to react. These benefits not only exists in reddit, it applies to all various forums and social media sites.


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