Reflection 1:Importance of communicating effectively (Week 1)

Communication is a vital and essential part of human interactions,humans thrive on interaction and communication, it is essentially a basic human need. The importance and benefits of effective communication is ensuring that you are getting your message across to the receiver, the person you are talking to.

You want the receiver to be able to comprehend your message in order to respond back. Here is where the importance and benefits of an effective communication plays a role in our daily conversations. Being an effective communicator is such a vital skill to have as it will greatly enhance all aspects of our personal and professional lives. An effective communicator are able to control all aspects of the conversations,you want to be able to control where the conversation is heading and ensuring that the conversation isn’t becoming heated to the point where an argument breaks out. In addition you want to ensure that other party is being put at ease when exchanging a conversation.


While ineffective communication can lead to the point where your message has been completely taken out of context or misunderstood. An individual may have found themselves in a situation where they may have not intended to offend someone. Being an ineffective communicator can lead to an arise of problems which can lead to embarrassment.


A person who I believes communicates effectively would be one of my friends Jasmine. Aspects that she exhibits which makes her an effective communicator is her approach towards the timing of the conversation and her attitude and tone throughout the conversation that is being exchanged. Even if there is a point where she clearly doesn’t agree with an opinion or even become offended, she will remain calm and collected and won’t lash out at the other person. Her presentation of her topic are clear and concise she doesn’t revert to using technical language and jargon. Since she is studying to become a nurse being an effective communicator is definitely a vital skill to learn and have.


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