Reflection 2: Methods of communications technology (Week 3)

Technology has advanced and risen to the point where it has become such strong influences in our daily lives, that majority of people believe they would not be able to survive without technology. Technology has also become such an integral part of our society, our lives have become so dependent of technology that we can no longer separate ourselves from technology. Social media is constantly rising and evolving, we are at a point where people have formed relationship through online dating sites rather than face to face communication. Social media has become such a significant form of ways of communication.


I use three communication technologies, these consists of my laptop, iPhone 5 and iPad mini. Benefits of using these three devices are that you are able to keep in touch and communicate with your friends and family online by using social media sites such as Facebook. Owning a smart phones and a tablet make is so convenient as you are able to access Facebook where ever you go, since both of these devices are so portable.

Possible problems that could arise with using these technologies is that people tend to abuse their power when it comes to communicating online. People tend to ignore or let go of all the communication etiquette responsibility that comes when conversing with someone. Just because you are talking to someone online rather than face to face those same rules still apply. Like I have stated some people tend to abuse that power and tend to justify themselves by using the “Freedom of Speech” right. This results in all forms of cyber bullying and harassments towards users and each other which unfortunately is regularly often seen in society today.


I personally am not really a huge social media type of person, I do have a Facebook account but I hardly ever go on it, I’m not like those people that constantly on Facebook 24/7. I do go on Facebook from time to time but I normally only go on it if I really need to ask somebody about a particular topic. In terms of not being able to go on Facebook to communicate for a week I could do easily do that. Although when it comes to not being able to go access the internet at all I probably couldn’t go without it for a week.


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